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Product Specification
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Product Specifications (General – for different pharmacopeia’s see COA’s)

Product Name RANCEL™ - Micro Crystalline Cellulose
Description A White, odorless, tasteless, granular free flowing powder
Identification test A,B (USP-NF) Conforms
Identification test C (USP-NF) degree of polymerisation; max 350
Solubility (Ph Eur.) meets requirements
Conductivity max 75 m
pH 5.00 - 7.00
Loss on drying max. 6.0 %
Residue on ignition :
max 0.05%
Ether soluble substances :
max 0.05%
Water soluble substances :
max 0.20%
Heavy metals :
max 10 ppm
Particle size & Bulk Density :
As per grades enumerated in the
Grades section
Standard plate count :
max 100 /g
Yeasts :
max 10/g
Moulds :
max 10/g
E.coli :
neg. in 10g
Ps.aeruginosa :
neg. in 10g
St. aureus :
neg in 10g
Salmonella sp. :
neg. in 10g