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A Note on
Co-Processed Excipients

RanQ has made pioneering efforts in introducing co-processed excipients in India . The major advantages of co-processed excipients being the elimination of wet granulation production stages, avoiding of keeping and handling various excipients , the synergetic effect of having homogenous free flowing directly compressible formulation of the required excipients , the compressible formulation of the required excipients . Co-processed excipients would provide for sturdy formulations and the grades enumerated below are particularly advantageous for Mouth Dissolving / Dispersible formulations.

( I ) Manufacturing Process :
The manufacturing process of spray dried co-processed excipients involves coprocessing at the preliminary stage to achieve a mechanical and chemical bonding before spray drying . The resultant slurry is spray dried to achieve the particle size distribution and flow properties.
( II ) Coprocessed Excipients - Grades
i>RanExplo- C
--Microcrystalline Cellulose-USP/NF + Colloidal Silicon Dioxide-USP/NF + Crospovidone-USP/NF
ii>RanExplo - S
--Microcrystalline Cellulose-USP /NF + Colloidal Silicon Dioxide-USP/NF + Sodium Starch --Glycollate - USP/NF
( III ) Advantages of Coprocessed Spray Dried Excipients.

(A) Technical Advantages :
----1. Improves Hardness and Compressibility.
----2. Better Uniformity than granulated inactives.
----3. - 60 # powder with superior flow properties.
----4. Enhanced machine tableting speed.
----5. Lower D.T.
----6. Consistent physical parameters of excipients ensuring sturdy formulation.
----7. For Dispersible formulation : For compliance with the uniformity of dispersibility test
----with the standard practice of granulation at # 40 ( 425 -500 micron ) results in poor flow ----properties thus reducing machine speed. With coprocessed excipients the particle size of ----250 micron and less gives superior flow properties and enhanced machine speed. Due to ----fine particle size , formulation compliance with dispersibility test of less than 710 micron is ----easily achieved.

(B ) Commercial Advantages :
----1. No need to maintain inventory of various excipients.
----2. Cost saving due to elimination of wet granulation production steps.
----3. Productivity increase due to increased machine speed.
----4. Cost saving in rework expenses.

( IV ) Regulatory Affairs:
RanExplo- C & RanExplo-S are being manufactured under license from FDA as proprietary Excipients formulations.
( V ) Project Report on Coprocessed excipients :
A detailed study made for various formulation using RanExplo-C & RanExplo-S is available on request.
( VI ) About RanQ

RanQ has been in the business of manufacturing spray dried Microcrystalline Cellulose and Sodium Starch Glycollate for over 8 years now and has earned credibility of supplying a quality product. RanQ customers today include almost all major formulators in India. RanQ has a modern up-to-date dedicated manufacturing facility for the manufacture of excipients following cGMP , Schedule M ( for Inactive bulk drugs ) and operating under FDA license.

RanQ is therefore in the best situation to undertake the development of coprocessed excipients to give substantial advantage to the pharma industry.